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Special Educational Needs and/or Disabilities  -  SEND

Local offer -

How does St Richards Pre-school know if children need extra help and what should I do if I think my child may have special educational needs or disabilities?

At St Richards Pre-school we treat every child as an individual. Your child will be allocated a keyperson who will be responsible for your child’s development and who keeps a Learning Journal that shows progress and development over a period of time in all areas of learning. Through the use of observations and planning for their next steps we are able to identify any concerns which we will share with you.

How will the staff support my child?

As part of our settling in procedure you will be invited to several taster sessions. This time allows us to gain information about your child and build a picture of their abilities, likes, dislikes and interests before they actually start.

All of our staff attend regular courses to develop their knowledge in early years. We have two SENCOs who provide extra support for staff and families. They are Sue Johnson and Leonie Markland.

We may recommend, with your consent, that we contact other professional agencies such as FIRST, SALT or Health Visitor for advice and support or refer you to other agencies. The FIRST team are a local body, who offer settings advice and support to ensure we are meeting your child’s needs. They meet with parents after they have observed the child in the setting.

Parent’s comments -

“I have found them to be very supportive of what my child needs and they are more than happy to take on board any strategies or advice on supporting my child. The FIRST and SALT teams have also been involved.”

“The staff are always ready to answer any queries that I may have and they listen to my concerns.”

“St Richards Pre-school have helped both of my children with their additional needs and I have been very happy with their support.”

How will the curriculum be matched to my child’s needs?

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidelines set by the Government. As we treat every child as an individual, we plan for your child’s development and progress based on our observations and their interests. The environment will be appropriate for their needs and there will be the opportunity for 1:1 learning to accommodate their learning style.

How will both you and I know how my child is doing and how will you help me to support my child’s learning?

A good relationship between us and parents is very important to the Pre-school. Staff are always available for you to discuss your child’s learning and well being. Also regular meetings are arranged to discuss your child’s progress and for you to look at their Learning Journal. We share information at this time and suggest ways for you to support their leaning at home. In the lobby there is information from the local Family Centre that offer parent training and learning events. We have “Ask me about....” slips and “WOW” slips in the lobby that you can fill in with information from home that can be shared with everyone at group time.

What support will there be for my child’s overall well being?

Any care routines will be discussed prior to starting Pre-school, including nappy changing and toilet training.  We will administer medication once the appropriate consent forms have been completed. If additional training is required to administer medication we will seek support when necessary.

We promote positive behaviour and staff are trained to support this. Should your child display unwanted behaviour, we will work with you and your child to provide a consistent approach to improvement.

We undertake “daily checks” every day before the Pre-school opens to ensure the Pre-school is safe. We have regular risk assessments on the premises and equipment.

Parent’s comments -

“I have always felt comfortable with the safety of my children within the setting.”

“There is a good staff/child to care for the children and there is a wide range of resources for them to play with as well as good and exciting activities for children to take part in.”

What specialist services and expertise are available at or accessed by St Richards Pre-school?

We work with all professional agencies as required. We always obtain parental consent before approaching any outside agencies.

If speech and language concerns are identified we will advise parents of the drop in sessions at the Family Centres. We work with speech and language therapists and the reports they provide, to support the children in their language development. We are an ECaT setting and support language development.

Staff have accessed training and have experience in working with early years. Further training will be sought to support an identified need.

What training are the staff, supporting children with SEND, had or are having?

Staff regularly attend new training and refresher courses provided by West Sussex and other bodies. They have attended courses such as - Promoting Positive Behaviour, ECaT, The Role of the INCO, Let’s Get Talking, English as an Additional Language and INCO networking meetings.

Parent comment -

“The staff take part in regular training which is always comforting to know.”

How will my child be included in activities outside the Pre-school, including trips?

We will endeavour to include all parents when we have a planned trip off site. All parents are invited to join us on our trip. We have regular visitors to the Pre-school such as the fire service and mobile farm which the children enjoy on the premises.

How accessible is the Pre-school environment? (Indoors and out)

St Richard Pre-school is set in a Church Hall on one floor and has an enclosed soft floored outside area with a small grassy area. The hall is accessed by a ramp but to use the outside area there is a step to negotiate. We have one disabled toilet with rails. All resources are accessible to children both inside and out.

How will the Pre-school prepare and support my child to join the setting and transfer to a new setting or school?

The Pre-school offer settling in taster sessions. We encourage parents to visit as often as possible so that we get to know the child and they get to know us and our routine. If any special requirements are needed we will have the opportunity to put them in place prior to the start date.

We work closely with our feeder schools to ensure the transition goes as smoothly as possible. They may need to have a Transition Meeting which involves our SENCO, the school and other agencies if required. We invite their new teacher into the Pre-school where they can meet your child and discuss your child’s development and next steps with their keyperson.

Parent’s comments -

“My child needed time to settle at Pre-school and the staff were very supportive at this time. He has gone onto school now with the support of the SENCO and FIRST team quite happily.”

“Visiting the Pre-school before my child started was invaluable.”

How are the Pre-school’s resources allocated and matched to children’s special educational needs?

We are a member of the local Family Centre and we borrow resources to support our children. We do our best to provide additional equipment to ensure all needs are met. If there is money available we buy toys and equipment with special needs in mind.

Parent comment -

“There is a wide range of activities for the children to take part in”

How is the decision made about what type and how much support my child will receive?

The SENCOs will work closely with you and other agencies to determine your child’s needs to ensure your child is receiving all the additional support required.

How are parents involved in the Pre-school setting? How can I be involved?

We value parents being involved in the Pre-school. You are involved in sharing information, and discussing next steps along with identifying needs. You are welcome to join our Fund Raising Committee which will also give you more of an insight into the Pre-school and help towards raising funds for new equipment and resources. We also ask parents for support when going on trips, and for help and ideas with our Easter Egg Hunt, Fun Morning and Christmas play.

We send out a Questionnaire once a year for parents and children to complete and all suggestions are considered.

Parent comment -

“Staff inform us of activities and events through Newsletters, by text or email, which keeps us updated. There is also information in the lobby. I have been involved in the Pre-school by helping on the Fund Raising Committee and helping at other events.”

Who can I contact for further information?

Sue Johnson is available for you to contact for an initial meeting. We always encourage prospective parents and children to visit us, during this time we can discuss your child’s needs and interests as they play. We are able to offer advice about other professionals who will be able to support your child.

If you would like to register your child for our Pre-school and you wish to discuss your child prior to them starting, contact Sue Johnson on or 07970 945 014 / 01903 249596

Your local Family Centre has a family link worker, who supports families with issues at home as well as help with computer/internet access, completing forms and guidance in when and how to access other support and funding.

Visit and you will find additional information from the Family Information Service and FIRST team. Their contact number is 01243 777807

Abbreviations used in this document:

SEND = Special educational needs and disability

SENCO = Special educational needs coordinator

INCO = Inclusion coordinator

FIRST = Facilitating Inclusion (through) Reflection Support and Training

SALT = Speech and language therapist

ECaT = Every child a talker